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Mechanical design


       Topscom provides expert design support for product manufacturing. We can advise on design for assembly and design for manufacturing concerns, as well as provide recommendations to improve performance and lower costs.
       Expert Engineering Support & Complete Manufacturing Services

      Customers rely on our mechanical engineering services to deliver quality and compliance. From plastic injection molding to sheet metal fabrication and box build manufacturing, Topscom can act as your one-stop resource for production services.

       With state-of-the-art equipment and integrated manufacturing operations, Topscom engineers are able to leverage efficient machinery and modern processes to help reduce costs. Our staff can review your design and advise on DFA and DFM considerations to allow for accurate production, optimal material usage and maximum value.

       Our mechanical engineering services often review needs for sheet metal fabrication, plastic molding, tooling and other components needed in the final box build. Our engineers will recommend manufacturing process, inspection checks and production techniques for your specific design and application.

       Our mechanical engineering services often include a selection of the following efforts:

•      Review of design for manufacturing (DFM) factors
•      Provide recommendations for spatial concerns, wall thickness and box supports (such as ribs and bosses) to ensure part strength
•      Review design to ensure optimal cosmetic appearance
•      Design inserts, hinges and snaps for part function and structure
•      Recommend materials options based on part volume and budget
•      Review design and materials in relation to operating and pressure tolerances
•      Recommend secondary and finishing operations
•      Recommendations to help lower material and production costs

        Topscom can assist throughout the entire product development processes, with in-house 3D printing capabilities that allow customers to evaluate and verify designs before larger production. We can produce prototypes as well as manufacture tooling, jigs, plastic molds and metal fabrications in-house, and act as your one-stop source for complete box build manufacturing.
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