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Topscom offers a specialized expertise in vertical China PCB Assembly and electronic manufacturing services. Our engineers can advise on PCBA, cabling, design and final box build, and will help to produce electronic components that exceed expectations for performance and value.

Expert Electronic Design & Contract Manufacturing China

From customized electronic prototypes to turnkey manufacturing services, many large companies rely on Topscom for quality electronics manufacturing services. We operate with ISO standards and are IPC compliant.

One of China’s leading pcb assembly & electronic board manufacturers, we provide engineering assistance on array of electronic considerations. With a corporate culture driven by excellence and some of the industry’s latest equipment and technology, our engineers can optimize the design and production of your electronic products. We help to lower costs, improve performance and ensure your parts exceed expectations.

Our expert electronic engineering team often:

• Evaluates surface considerations including board thickness, pad size and surface finishes
• Reviews assembly and design factors, such as the solder mask alignment, component density, pitch and orientation
• Designs the stencil thickness and hole size, use of solder paste material and reflow profile setup to ensure the solder joints meet IPC-610 standards.
• Works to ensure SMD components are handled per the MSL classification.
• Ensures PCB SMT assembly processes avoid thermal and mechanical damage
• Works to ensure components meet all compliance requirements, including the latest J-STD-020 standards, with compliance at higher temperatures for Pb-free and lower temperature Sn-Pb assemblies.
• If needed, fine tune the PCB SMT assembly process based on AOI, X-ray inspection and testing data.
• Expert Electronic Engineering Capabilities

With more than 3 decades in operation, Topscom offers a specialization in vertical electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Many customers turn to us for quality surface-mount-technology (SMT) including quad flat no leads (QFN) PCB board assembly. We also offer through-hold assembly, ball-grid array soldering and an array of programming and serializing capabilities.

From pcb assembly production to final box build, Topscom engineers can provide expert China PCB design services that meet your application requirements. Our engineers have worked with some of the most high-tech companies on a diverse variety of projects. We have engineered and manufactured electronic products for industries including:

• audio
• automation
• communications
• computers
• consumer electronics
• home security
• industrial machinery
• lighting
• medical
• networking
• power meter boards
• power supplies
• printing equipment
• robotics

Topscom Technology Co.,Ltd, referred to as HCH-PCB, was founded in 1995, located in Shenzhen China. Topscom Technology is a professional OEM manufacturer for China PCB design, PCB production, component sourcing and PCB SMT assembly. With more than 25 years in the PCB and PCBA industry, we can support 1-18 layer rigid and flexible PCB production and PCB SMT assembly. Our company is a China PCB design centre and manufacturer focusing on PCB&PCB Assembly. As a high-quality PCB provider, the company is mainly engaged in the design, R&D (research and development), manufacturing, and sales of various PCB board. Topscom offers a wide variety of electronic testing and inspection processes including in-circuit testing (ICT) and X-ray inspection, and also provide a variety of programming and serializing services.

We have been supplying PCB board with (high quality, high precision and high density) to our customers. With advanced PCB production and testing equipment, and a well-found quality system to monitor throughout the whole China PCB manufacturing to China PCB assembly, we can ensure the stable and excellent quality of the production process to meet customers' requirements. In recent years, with high-speed development, continuous improvement and persistent concentration in PCBs production, we can manufacture high-quality PCBs and can export them all over the world. The main application fields of our products are Industry Control, Automation, Automotive Electronics, Communication devices, Security Electronics, Smart Home Appliances etc.

Our service includes: PCB & PCBA Contract Manufacturing Reverse Engineering Services China PCB design and China PCB assemblyComponent Procurement & Material Management Product Design Fast PCB & PCBA Prototyping Cable and Wire Assemblies Plastics and Molds AOI, X-Ray Testing, other Function Testing Service. You are welcome to send us RFQ for your PCB and PCB Assembly projects, we will quote for you within a short time, and also would like to give you the long term support for your PCB and PCBA demands.

Electronics design

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