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China Topscom, Pcba boards smt assembly and turnkey electronic contract manufacturing Test Services Solution include: Flying Probe,DFX,ICT,Functional Testing,HALT,Optical Inspection,Test Simulation,Automatic Optical Inspection,Wireless & RF,HASS,X-Ray,Boundary Scan,Inline X-Ray,High-speed optical,Environmental stress,Test Coverage Analysis,Packaging Tests,Vision systems,Motion Control,Burn-in,etc.

       End to End Test Solutions

        A well planned test strategy can ensure a well designed product can be successfully released and achieve the fullest potential in the market.Topscom can apply experiences from a wide range of product test solutions to put the correct test strategy in place.      

       Our all customer trust Topscom to develop comprehensive, integrated & cost effective test strategies at component, sub-assembly & finished product levels using customer & industry standard hardware & software platforms. Topscom provides customers with complete solutions for a variety of testing requirements including:

•      Flying Probe
•      DFX
•      ICT
•      Functional Testing
•      HALT
•      Optical Inspection
•      Test Simulation
•      Automatic Optical Inspection
•      Wireless & RF
•      HASS
•      X-Ray
•      Boundary Scan
•      Inline X-Ray
•      High-speed optical
•      Environmental stress
•      Test Coverage Analysis
•      Packaging Tests
•      Vision systems
•      Motion Control
•      Burn-in

        Topscom’s test development expertise is based on 20 years EMS manufacturing services in communications, enterprise computing & storage, defense, aerospace, medical, automotive, industrial, clean technology & multimedia markets. Our contract test development services optimize test coverage & manufacturing efficiency.
        Test Strategy Overview
       Test strategy determination is based on a number of factors. Product technology, component selection, product criticality, and product complexity are just a few factors that must be considered when investigating a test strategy. By reviewing relevant characteristics of a product, key test requirements are derived. Then the most appropriate test method can be implemented to achieve a real goal:complete test coverage.

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