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Racks & Frames & Enclosures

China Topscom & Racks& Frames & enclosure build manufacturing & Fabrication Supplier

      Open Architecture & Custom Solutions provider Topscom
      A wide range of solutions including rack scale compute & storage, embedded systems, appliances, rack & power using Open Compute, Open Stack & custom designs.Topscom integrates hundreds of Open Compute racks per year.
      Topscom is a leading manufacturer in design, manufacturing & systems integration of complex enclosures for the many field OEMs. Engineering & design services include enclosures, thermal management, structural analysis, modeling, verification & cabling. Our packaging expertise comprises custom & standard cabinet designs for both indoor & outdoor applications using materials like stainless steel, mild steel & aluminum.

      Product applications include:

•   Switchgear cabinets, power inverters, power distribution & management
•   IT racks for data centers, computing, storage and telecoms applications
•   Control cabinets and signaling enclosures for transportation systems
•   Industrial controls, 3D printers, ATMs, kiosks, gaming systems
•   Test & measurement, security and safety, semiconductor equipment

      Topscom builds sheet metal enclosures, chassis and internal assemblies that meet exact customer specifications and adhere to international quality standards and IP classifications. Our target markets include industrial, clean technology, communications infrastructure, enterprise computing & storage, multimedia and medical.
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